Tyresö Castle

Tyresö Castle

From Oxenstierna to Lagergren

Visit Tyresö Castle and gain an insight into how people used to live in a castle some 100 years ago. In the dining room, the housemaid is just clearing the table after dinner. The wine glasses are empty and the dessert is almost completely gone. Perhaps, earlier in the evening, the guests had been offered smoked Tyresö ham or roast peacock, one of Marquis Lagergren’s favourite dishes.

Tyresö Castle is beautifully situated at the head of Kalvfjärden bay, south of Stockholm. Lord High Chancellor Gabriel Oxenstierna inherited the medieval Tyresö and built the present castle and Tyresö church in the 1630s. The castle was modernised in the 1770s and the first English park in Sweden was designed by the landscape gardener Fredrik Magnus Piper. Today, visitors will find a national-romantic castle setting from turn of the 20th century. Here, in scenic Tyresö, the last private owner, Claes Lagergren, wanted to create a magnificent home for himself and his family.

Stor sal i slottet

Marquis Claes Lagergren was a papal chamberlain and a renowned cultural personality in turn-of-the-century Stockholm. For most of his adult life, he worked several weeks every year in the Vatican in Rome. In 1892, he and his American-born wife Caroline bought Tyresö Castle. Under the direction of architect Isak Gustaf Clason, the castle was renovated in a historical-romantic style, with the 17th century castle as the role model and inspiration. The Marquis wanted the castle and park kept as a living document of Swedish history and so he donated Tyresö to the Nordic Museum in 1930.

Travel back through time

The castle has changed over its almost 400-year history. A visit to the Lagergren family’s home is an interesting journey back through time. Today, there is almost nothing left of the 17th century environments, but interiors and furniture from the 18th and 19th centuries bear clear traces of their former owners. The ground floor contains drawing rooms, a library, study and dining room. The rooms are filled with interesting furniture, artworks, books, ornaments and utensils that reflect Marquis Lagergren’s time and interests. Upstairs, there are bedrooms, guest rooms and the family’s private chapel, as well as an exclusive bathroom from the early 1920s.

handfat och blandare

Between 1993 and 1997 the Nordic Museum undertook an extensive interior and exterior renovation of the castle. During this work, the interiors were recreated as they looked when the Lagergren family lived here.

Opening hours & entry

Tyresö Castle is open Saturdays and Sundays 12-4 pm between 11th June and 28th August.

Adults: 100 sek. 0-18 years old: free admission.

Free audioguide available in english.

How to get there

Tyresö Castle is only about 20 minutes away by car or bus from central Stockholm. Take bus 875 from Gullmarsplan to Tyresö kyrka (Tyresö church). By car take Nynäsvägen out of Stockholm, then route 229 for Tyresö slott (Tyresö Castle).

Information & pre-booked tours

Please direct questions regarding tours to slott@nordiskamuseet.se

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Tours: +46 (0)8-519 545 50 (telephone hours:Tuesday and Thursday 9.00-10.30 and Wednesday 14.30-16.00)
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Pre-booked groups are accepted all year round at Tyresö slott.