This is an exhibition about sweet things in Sweden from the Middle Ages to today’s mass consumption. It’s the story of how something that was rare and precious has become hard to avoid.

Homes and interiors

Homes and Interiors spans nearly half a millennium of Swedish furniture and interior design. Where did the influences come from? How have crafts developed over the years? We try to give a few answers with a parade of furniture and objects typical of the times, along with several reconstructed home interiors. 

Old Folks - In the past and in our future

Growing old and needing help is part of life, just like it’s a part of life to be young. Old age concerns us all, sooner or later, in various ways. This exhibition includes many stories from today, but it is mainly about care of the elderly in a historic perspective.


August Strindberg is one of Sweden’s best-known authors, both nationally and internationally. In addition to works such as The Red Room, Natives of Hemsö, Master Olof, The Father and Miss Julie, From an Occult Diary occupies a special place in his works.

Table settings

Interiors featuring table settings from the 16th century to circa 1950: tables for banquets, coffee and tea parties, and tables for aperitifs and aquavit – all are on display in this exhibition.


Celebrations and festivals throughout life – why, when and how we observe traditions. Why do the Swedes eat "semlor" (cream buns with marzipan)? How did people prepare for Christmas in earlier times? What are the origins of the Midsummer pole?

Power of Fashion

The power of fashion is strong. All social groups use clothing to create their identity. Meet people from three decades, the 1780s, 1860s and 1960s, times when the economy, currents of ideas and technical developments clearly affected clothing and fashion. 


The exhibition’s 1,000 pieces of jewellery are divided into different sections. In some cases they are on display because we know about the people who wore them, in others because they represent a period, a historical epoch, a fashion, a function or a material.


Sápmi is an exhibition about Sami life in Sweden. It’s a story of possibilities and difficulties, power and resistance, rights and unrighteousness. Sápmi also seeks to show how the Sami have influenced the Swedish and the Swedes have influenced the Sami.

Swedish Folk Art

Welcome to the world of folk art, as it blossomed in Sweden during the 18th and 19th centuries! The exhibition focuses on the driving forces and sources of inspiration: the proportions and shape of the human body, nature, the interior decorations of parish churches and bible stories, noble coats of arms and royal monograms.