About the museum

Nordiska museet in Stockholm tells the story of Nordic lifestyle and traditions from the 16th century onward, through furniture and interiors, fashion and jewellery, glass and porcelain. There is also an exhibition focusing on the only indigenous people in the Nordics – the Sami. The museum is open every day, please come and visit us!

The building

The museum was founded back in 1873 by Artur Hazelius. The imposing building on Royal Djurgården island – a sight in itself – was designed in Renaissance style by Isak Gustaf Clason, and opened in 1907. The heart of the museum is an enormous hall, 126 metres long with a ceiling height of 24 metres. At the centre of the hall is a large oak statue of King Gustav Vasa (1523–1560), designed by the renowned sculptor Carl Milles.