Art and Design in the Exhibition


Several artists and designers have helped create this exhibition. Here you can read more about them and their work.

Exhibition and Graphic Design


MUSEEA designed the exhibition and created its graphic design. Together with Anastasya Martynova, they also made the hay sculptures in the exhibition.

MUSEEA is a multidisciplinary design and curatorial platform founded by designer duo Sofia Hedman and Serge Martynov. Together they have designed and curated many exhibitions around the world. They seek to create immersive exhibition environments that “intrigue, inspire and draw people together”. In their own words, MUSEEA’s projects “are driven by their passions for stimulating collaborations, global inclusivity and sustainable artistic practices”. Read more about MUSEEA here.


Camilla Andersen

Camilla Andersen filmed and edited the majority of the films in the exhibition: Abisko, Arjeplog, Laevas herding cooperative, Nautanen, Svalbard, Iceland and Clyde River (which she also produced).

Camilla Andersen is a documentary filmmaker and photographer from Oslo, Norway. Her previous work explores social and anthropological issues relating to the environment, sexuality, nature, gender and cultural diversity. Read more about Camilla Andersen here.

The films were produced with support from the Nordic Culture Fund.


David Giese

The Iceberg

David Giese is a director, animator and musician from Hägersten outside Stockholm. He has previously worked with Riksteatern, the Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company, SF Studios, MTV and Alphaville. Read more about David Giese here.

Jesper Wachtmeister 

The Ceiling

Jesper Wachtmeister is a director, producer and multimedia artist, as well as the founder of Solaris Filmproduktion. He has previously designed projections for institutions including the Gothenburg Museum of Art, the Stockholm City Museum and Konsthall Lund. In addition to multimedia installations, he has made films shown at museums and festivals around the world. Read more about Jesper Wachtmeister here.

Art Installations

Anastasya Martynova

Anastasya did the cross-stitch tapestries and glass bead sculptures that are on display in the exhibition. Together with MUSEEA, she also helped create the straw sculptures.

Anastasya Martynova is a Russian multi-disciplinary artist and designer based in London and Barcelona. She developed her style, inspired by crafts, during her studies at City & Guilds Art School in London. Her work has previously been exhibited at several galleries in London. Read more about Anastasya Martynova here.

Text Editing

Johanna Jensen

Johanna Jensen is a writing consultant with an artworld background. In her work she seeks to achieve “artistic plain language – understandable, inclusive language with artistic integrity”. Read more about Johanna Jensen here.