Loans from the Collections

The Nordic Museum archives contain millions of objects, records, stories, photographs and other archival material.

We lend our collections to other exhibitions. Below are some questions and answers about the process.

How do I apply to borrow an item?

A written application should be sent to Object Registration (Föremålsregistreringen) at the Collection department, along with a completed operations and security report (pdf), which aims to document the exhibition’s circumstances from a security and preservation perspective.

Applications must contain the following information:

  • Name of the borrowing institution
  • Contact details for the exhibition manager/administrator
  • Invoicing address and company registered number
  • Exhibition title and exhibition period
  • Reason for the loan
  • A list of requested objects, including inventory numbers where possible

How are applications dealt with and how long does it take?

Loan applications must be received no later than seven months before the requested loan period. A longer processing time is required for major loans and loans outside of Sweden. Received applications are considered at loan meetings, which take place every other week. Loan meetings are advisory only and a final decision is made by the Head of Department for Collections. Once the application has been processed, The Nordic Museum will decide on whether or not to grant the loan, and if it is granted a loan agreement will be sent including terms and conditions. A signed loan agreement must be returned no later than four months before the start date of the loan period.

A request for a loan extension must be received no later than four months before the end of the loan period. As the end of the loan period approaches, agreement on return transport must be reached no later than one month before the end of the loan period.

What are the loan terms and conditions, and what does a loan cost?

The borrower must agree in writing to uphold the loan terms and conditions. Information on costs, insurance-related conditions and handling can be found in The Nordic Museum’s General Terms & Conditions for Loans (pdf). Special terms and conditions are regulated in the loan agreement between the museum and the borrower.