Homes and interiors

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A parade of furniture

From a wooden box dated 1562 to a rubber chair from 2000 – the Homes and Interiors exhibition spans nearly half a millennium of Swedish furniture and interior design. Where did the influences come from? How have crafts developed over the years? We try to give a few answers with a parade of furniture and objects typical of the times, along with several reconstructed home interiors. Homes and Interiors is a voyage in colour and shape through time and space.

Peek into an early-18th century two-room cottage. Move on to a state bedroom the way it looked at Ulvsunda Palace outside Stockholm in the 1670s. Stop off by a section of the brewer’s house with 14 rooms and two kitchens, which was built on Södermalm in Stockholm in the late-1740s. Notice how living room interiors have changed from the apartment blocks of 1939, via 1958, to a flat in a large housing estate from 1976.

Homes and Interiors is an exhibition about how people have lived and furnished their homes in Sweden throughout the ages. It is for those with an interest in art and design history and for those who want to learn more about colours, techniques and materials. Some of the things you will see in the exhibition are Axel Oxenstierna’s chair from ca 1650, a miniature commode from 1750 which belonged to King Gustav III when he was a child, a bean bag from 1972, and the Ivar storage furniture system by IKEA, which is found in many homes to this day.