Swedish Folk Art

Swedish Folk Art

An inspirational exhibition
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Created by country folk, for country folk

Welcome to the world of folk art, as it blossomed in Sweden during the 18th and 19th centuries!

The exhibition focuses on the driving forces and sources of inspiration: the proportions and shape of the human body, nature, the interior decorations of parish churches and bible stories, noble coats of arms and royal monograms.

The desire to create, to beautify and to decorate is eternal. We believe that anything painted, woven, embroidered, forged or carved can inspire fresh thinking and fresh creativity even today!


Who created folk art?

The folk art of agricultural society was created by people in rural districts. They knew their customers and were themselves well known as skilful craftsmen - even if they lacked formal training.

The heritage of Swedish folk art lives on in today’s design and crafts, sometimes possibly more than we are aware. Folk art patterns, colours, motifs and designs are a rich source of inspiration, one we can return to again and again for new details and new creations.




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