Connect to Collect

Approaches to Collecting Social Digital Photography in Museums and Archives.

Eds. Elisabeth Boogh, Kajsa Hartig, Bente Jensen, Paula Uimonen, Anni Wallenius.


In a social digital world, the role of photography has changed dramatically. Today a large number of photographs are found on social media and the Internet, and many photographs are stored in smartphones. This change has profound implications for museums and archives. From being static, clearly delimited and regarded as memories, art or documentation, photographs have become intensely social and are often part of an ongoing online dialogue. They are born both social and digital.

Connect to Collect shares the results of the Nordic research project “Collecting Social Photo” (2017–2020), which has explored the collection of social digital photography in new and innovative ways. The anthology consists of four parts, starting with a conceptual framing, followed by the results from eleven case studies, using a variety of collection methods. New interfaces are presented, including a prototype developed in the project. The last part is a set of recommendations and a tool kit for museums and archives.

A central purpose of Connect to Collect is to inspire future efforts. It points out how social digital photographs can be an important (re)source for history research and cultural heritage. It also discusses how such photography collections may be of considerable value to museums and archives in the near future: as a public arena for knowledge exchange, collaboration and interaction between institutions, contributors and the public.

Published in May 2020
278 pages, illustrated, open access
Format 210 x 210 mm
ISBN 978-91-7108-616-7