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Rum med dukat bord för fika med jordgubbstårta.

25 March 1995 – Ongoing

45-90 min

Audio guide

Level 3

How and why have different traditions emerged? Our exhibition tells the story of celebration and festivity throughout life.

The celebrations observed in Sweden and the Nordic countries today vary in age and include elements from many parts of the world. The observance of these celebrations has its origins in both religion and folklore and carries traces of both paganism, Catholicism, and Protestantism. The exhibition ‘Traditions’ explores both recurring annual traditions and those that are a part of life. 

Monter på museum med massa föremål. Tydligt syns en upphängd matta.
Photo: Karolina Kristensson / Nordiska museet

Scenes from life’s and the year’s celebrations

Through constructed scenes and details, you’ll see how traditions are celebrated and learn more about the history behind events such as Midsummer, Christmas, Easter, and the crayfish party, among others. It also covers baptism, confirmation, weddings, and funerals.

You can peek into an upper-class home on Christmas Eve in the 1890s. Witness a typical funeral in the 1930s. Discover details from a name day celebration in the 1700s and – if you dare – glimpse into the dark origins of today’s sweet Easter witches.