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Audio guide

With the Nordic Museum’s audio guide, you can go on an exciting tour of the museum on your own. Download it for free to your mobile.

How does the audio guide work?

You can easily download the Nordic Museum’s audio guide to your mobile phone or tablet. We recommend using your own headphones.

Throughout the museum, there are signs with headphone symbols. The number on the sign indicates the audio track you should listen to in that specific location. Small signs in orange are in Swedish and English, while larger burgundy poles are available in multiple languages.

Audio guide tracks

Listen to tracks in Swedish and English in the exhibitions Nordic Life, Table settings, Traditions, and the Arctic – as the Ice Melts.

  • For adults and children aged 13 and above
  • Language: Swedish and English

Tracks in multiple languages:

Listen to a selection of tracks in other languages guiding you through the museum’s building and exhibitions.

  • For adults and children aged 13 and above
  • Languages: Swedish, English, German, Spanish, Russian, French, Finnish, Italian, Arabic, Mandarin, and Ukrainian.

The Ukrainian audio guide was launched in collaboration with the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Stockholm and the Embassy of Ukraine in Sweden. The guide was developed in partnership with the Preparedness Lift.

Audio guide for children and young people:

Explore life in the Nordic region with an audio guide tailored for children and young people in the exhibition Nordic Life. You can also join Gustav Vasa on a tour of the museum’s other exhibitions and listen to exciting objects and places.

You’ll find the children’s tracks under the language option “Children’s audio guide” in the audio guide.

  • For children aged 6–12 and primary school years 1–6
  • Language: Swedish

Tracks in easy Swedish:

Listen to a selection of tracks in easy Swedish, which has everyday language and does not require extensive knowledge.

  • For visitors with Swedish as a second language, such as Swedish for Immigrants (SFI) groups
  • Language: Easy Swedish

Book an audio guide for group or school visits:

Do you want to visit the museum with a group or school class? How exciting! Send your inquiry by emailing us at If you want to borrow audio guides on-site (20 SEK per person), please specify it in the registration form. There are a limited number of audio guide units available to borrow at the museum for registered groups. It’s also possible to download the audio guide to your mobile phone before the visit.

Groups visits

Send an inquiry for a group visit

Send your inquiry for a group visit tour visit by emailing us at Include “Group visit inquiry” in the subject line and fill in the details below. Your inquiry will be processed as soon as possible. Please note that you’re not guaranteed your preferred date and time.

We will process your request as soon as possible, at the moment there are many people contacting us so response times are longer than usual. Please make your inquiry well in advance!

School visits led by teachers have free entrance but must be booked in advance.
If you would like to make an inquiry, please complete the details below.

Group information
  • Exhibition you wish to visit
  • Preferred date
  • Preferred time
  • Number of individuals
  • Request for audio guide
  • Other requests or questions
Address details
  • Company, association, organisation, school, or individual
  • Organisation number/personal identification number
  • Reference code/reference ID/orderer ID
  • Street address
  • Postal code
  • City
  • Invoice recipient and billing address
Contact person
  • Name of contact person
  • Contact person’s phone number
  • Email address
Payment method
  • Payment card at the cashier for the entire group
  • Invoice after the visit
  • Voucher

We’ll contact you via email once your inquiry has been processed. The inquiry isn’t binding until you receive a booking confirmation.