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Group visit

Colleagues, friends, or students? Welcome to Nordiska museet in central Stockholm. Explore the museum together.

Group visit

Send an inquiry for a group visit

Send your inquiry for a group visit tour visit by emailing us at Include “Group visit inquiry” in the subject line and fill in the details below. Your inquiry will be processed as soon as possible. Please note that you’re not guaranteed your preferred date and time.

We will process your request as soon as possible, at the moment there are many people contacting us so response times are longer than usual. Please make your inquiry well in advance!

Group information
  • Exhibition you wish to visit
  • Preferred date
  • Preferred time
  • Number of individuals
  • Request for audio guide
  • Other requests or questions
Address details
  • Company, association, organisation, school, or individual
  • Organisation number/personal identification number
  • Reference code/reference ID/orderer ID
  • Street address
  • Postal code
  • City
  • Invoice recipient and billing address
Contact person
  • Name of contact person
  • Contact person’s phone number
  • Email address
Payment method
  • Payment card at the cashier for the entire group
  • Invoice after the visit
  • Voucher

We’ll contact you via email once your inquiry has been processed. The inquiry isn’t binding until you receive a booking confirmation.

There’s no extra fee for group visits. Our regular prices apply.

For questions about your group visit, contact us at

If you have questions regarding food and beverages, contact the restaurant at or call us at +46 (0)8-519 545 61.

Yes! Download our audio guide directly to your mobile. Just bring your headphones and press play when you arrive! We have audio guide tracks in multiple languages for both children and adults.

Explore our audio guide.


If you’re in a wheelchair or have a stroller

  • There is an elevator available to the exhibitions.
  • A ramp is provided for access to the restaurant and some of the exhibitions.
  • There is an accessible entrance to the right of the museum’s main entrance from Djurgårdsvägen at Level 1 and one in the courtyard.
  • Accessible parking spaces are available at the accessibility entrance at the main entrance on Djurgårdsvägen and at the museum’s northern end (towards Strandvägen). There’s also a space at the southern end (towards Gröna Lund).
  • An accessible restroom is located on Level 1, a short distance inside the accessibility entrance, opposite the museum shop. It’s accessible from both the right and left sides. Door width is 90 cm.
  • We have wheelchairs available for loan. Please contact a museum host or the reception.

If you have a disability

  • The stairs are marked on the bottom and top steps. Handrails are present in many but not all staircases.
  • You can borrow magnifying glasses and flashlights at the reception.
  • Assistance dogs and guide dogs are welcome.
  • Guides or assistants always enter the museum for free.

If you have allergies

  • There are live plants in the museum’s restaurant. On special occasions, there may also be plants in other parts of the museum.
  • During the construction of exhibitions, there may be dust and strong odours.

Our lockers are free of charge and are located on Level 1. The size of the lockers is 31 x 33 x 37 cm, which means that our lockers can hold bags up to the size of an A3 paper. Larger bags cannot be stored in the museum. Unfortunately, for security reasons, you cannot leave large items of luggage that do not fit into our lockers unattended.

We recommend that you enter through one of the ground floor (Level 1) accessibility entrances. There’s ample space, and they’re conveniently located near the wardrobes and toilets. One is on the Djurgårdsväg side, to the right of the main entrance’s grand staircase. The other is in the museum’s backyard – our new entrance and art portal, Two Directions.