Palace & manors

The Julita manor

Swedens largest open-air museum

Welcome to Julita, situated in beautiful surroundings on the shores of lake Öljaren in the heart of Sörmland. In the middle ages Julita was a monastery. It later became a state demesne and still later a manor house owned by members of the Swedish nobility.

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Tyresö Palace

Visit Tyresö Palace and gain an insight into how people used to live in a castle some 100 years ago. In the dining room, the housemaid is just clearing the table after dinner. The wine glasses are empty and the dessert is almost completely gone.


Svindersvik, which is too small to be called a castle or a manor house, is one of Sweden’s oldest preserved country residences. It is a unique precursor to the merchants’ villas and the summer retreats of today.


Nordiska museet owns ‘kaplansgården’, or the chaplaincy, where the local priest lived, with the local guild in Härkeberga being responsible for its day-to-day running. Step into a typical central Swedish farm, with a total of 17 red timber buildings dating from the late 1600s to the early 1800s.