Sweden's largest museum of cultural history

The Nordic Museum has exhibitions about life and work, trends and traditions, in Sweden from the 16th century to today. Our collections include clothes and fashion, textiles, furniture and interiors, jewellery, photography, folk art, glass and china. The Museum was founded in 1873 by Artur Hazelius. Welcome!

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Exhibitions at the Nordic Museum reflect life in Sweden from the 16th century to the present day.

What's on

Heavy Retro

The main characters in this exhibition are grandfather clocks, cabinets, boxes and chests. 

A Taste of Hops

A Taste of Hops is an exhibition about home-brewing past and present.


Why do the Swedes eat "semlor" (cream buns with marzipan)? How did people prepare for Christmas in earlier times? What are the origins of the Midsummer pole?

Table settings

Interiors featuring table settings from the 16th century to circa 1950: tables for banquets, coffee and tea parties, and tables for aperitifs and aquavit – all are on display in this exhibition.


Free Audio guide

The audio guide tour through the galleries takes in such things as the fully laid 17th century table, 18th century high fashion and August Strindberg’s original manuscript – as well as the exciting history and architecture of the museum building. 

The audio guide is available in Swedish, Easy Swedish, Sami, English, German, Spanish, Russian, French.