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Museimonter med två skyltdockor med skotskrutiga kläder.
En monter visar högklackade skor och en rosa kaftan, nederst i bild syns ett engelskt tapetmönster från Arts & Crafts

29 March 2019 – Ongoing

30-45 min

Family mission

Level 3

Cardigans, jumpers and trench coats. Tartans and Doc Martens boots. Pyjamas and a cup of tea, a beer after the football match and a stroll in the woods wearing a raincoat and wellingtons. These parts of Nordic everyday life are so common that we might not think about where they come from.

This exhibition is about Nordic fashion, clothes style and lifestyle with influences from Britain. The narrative runs from the Middle Ages to the present day, a story told through fabrics, patterns, clothes and other things that have been shaped into a part of everyday life in Scandinavia. It is British – but Nordic British!

En trave vita skokartonger med promenadskor med brogue och kängor.
Brogues and Dr Martens boots. Photo: Peter Segemark / Nordiska museet

The men’s suit, Punk, and the white wedding dress

The exhibition is based on Nordiska museet’s collection of dress and fashion, along with a few loans. It shows a broad selection of garments and outfits. It includes luxury products such as embroideries and woollen fabrics, outdoor and sports styles, men’s suits, subculture clothes and everyday garments such as jumpers and cardigans.

Contemporary Nordic fashion designers who have been inspired by British styles and fabrics will be found here. Many influential British fashion brands which are worn by Nordic people are also represented, such as Mary Quant, Fred Perry, Mulberry and Burberry. The oldest object in the exhibition is from the 1340s and the youngest comes from an autumn and winter collection for 2018.

Teacher’s guide to use before, during and after your school visit to the exhibition British – Ever So Nordic.

Here you will find material on some of the themes of the exhibition, with facts and discussion questions.

Age: For primary and secondary schools.