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Målning av en interiör med kvinna sittande på en soffa iklädd hatt med plymer och vit klänning. Mot hennes blottade v. bröst lutar sig en man th.h. om henne i blå jacka, väst och knäbyxor. Han håller sin v. hand under hennes klänning. Rött draperi t.v.

Opening 10 February

1–2 hrs

Audio guide

Audioguide for children

Level 4

Explore life and people in the Nordic region over 500 years, set against its stunning nature, changing seasons and real-life stories from the Nordiska museet collections and archives. On February 10th, we present our grandest exhibition ever.

Utställningsmonter i starka röda färger. I montern syns bland annat en klädd docka.
Detail from the upcoming exhibition. Photo: Emil Fagander /Nordiska museet

How has the Nordic Region Taken Shape, and Who lives here?

The exhibition Nordic Life, allows you to explore how culture and life in the Nordic region have been shaped and reshaped through interactions between people, nature, and climate. What does nature mean to the people? What do families and homes look like? What do Nordic people believe in, dream about, fear, and find solace in?

Encounter Real-life Stories

The main characters of the exhibition are portrayed life stories from our collections. You’ll encounter individuals who live or have lived here in reality. The narrative unfolds through the changing seasons of the Nordic nature – a shared experience for people living in the Nordic region, regardless of time and context. The exhibition spans the entire top floor of the museum through 27 rooms.

Explore 500 Years Through Four Seasons

As you enter the exhibition, it’s the early 1500s and cold midwinter in the forest. Continue to villages and towns through spring and summer, encountering individuals from various times, places, and of different ages and social classes whose life stories leave traces in our collections and archives.

As you approach the end of the exhibition, it’s late autumn. You’ve reached present day and can witness how contemporary Nordic people think and live. And finally, you stand at the edge of a future forest.

Engage with Thousands of Real Objects

The Nordiska museet collections contain 1,5 million cultural-historical objects. In the exhibition you’ll discover about 4000 from different eras – some mundane som quite spectacular. Some have never been displayed before. All carry significance and speak of the people who used them and the times they belong to.

Interactive Experience

You can actively participate in history through the interactive parts of the exhibition. Play a role in a bustling 17th-century city, become a voice in the 18th-century freedom of the press, experience 19th-century coffee culture, and leave your mark in the future forest.

Audio guide for Adults and Children

Take a guided tour through the exhibition with our audioguide, blending storytelling with dramatized scenes directly on your phone. We have two versions of the audioguide:

  • For adults and teenagers (in English or Swedish)
  • For children aged 8–11 (in Swedish)
  • The playtime is approximately 50 minutes
  • Download the audioguide for free to your phone!

An Epic Tale based on the Nordiska museet Collections

Nordic Life is Nordiska museet’s largest exhibition ever. An epic and visual presentation of Nordic cultural history built on the real objects and stories collected by the museum during 150 years.

Nordic Life is produced by Nordiska museet in collaboration with experts from universities and museums in Sweden and the Nordic region, and designed by MUSEEA.

Visit options

Take a guided tour through the exhibition with our audio guide, blending storytelling with dramatized scenes directly on your phone. (Available in English and Swedish, approximately 50 minutes). We recommend bringing your own head phones.

Download our Audio guide to your phone. Available in English or Swedish. We recommend bringing your own head phones.

Watch the film sequences where you get to encounter 22 real life-stories documented in the museum’s collections. You’ll encounter individuals who live or have lived in the Nordic region in reality.

Have a coffee in the restaurant or the café in our back yard.