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Nordiska museet is Sweden’s largest museum of cultural history and brings stories about the life and people of the Nordic region. Discover folk art, homes and furniture, traditions and everyday lifestyle as well as fashion, clothes, textiles and jewellery from the past 500 years. The new major exhibition,The Arctic – While the Ice Is Melting, allows visitors to meet people from some of the world's coldest places, where the environment and living conditions are changing at a rapid pace.

What's on

My Norden Poster – international poster contest

My Norden Poster 2022 is an international travel poster contest where we seek a contemporary interpretation of the classic travel poster for the Nordic countries. My Norden Poster 2022 is open to graphic designers, artists and illustrators. Five finalists will be exhibited in the vintage travel poster exhibition Come to Norden, which opens at Nordiska museet in March, 2022.

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Two Directions: new entrance and artpiece

Welcome to our newly renovated backyard and Two directions, an artistically decorated entrance by artist Outi Pieski.
To the backyard 

Garden café in our backyard

Lusknäppen serves light lunch, cold drinks, beer, wine, coffee, pasteries and ice cream. Open daily 11 am–5 pm.

Paris of the North

fashion exhibition that transports you to the golden age of haute couture and the northernmost outpost of Paris fashion – the French Couture Atelier at the NK department store in Stockholm.


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