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Nordiska museet is Sweden’s largest museum of cultural history and brings stories about the life and people of the Nordic region. Discover homes and furniture, traditions and everyday lifestyle as well as fashion, clothes, textiles and jewellery from the past 500 years. The major exhibition in the Great hall,The Arctic – While the Ice Is Melting, allows visitors to meet people from some of the world's coldest places, where the environment and living conditions are changing at a rapid pace. Nordiska museet was given a special commendation at The European Museum of the Yeard Awards 2022.

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Royal Djurgården is presented the international Green Destinations Platinum Award

For several years now, Djurgården’s attractions have been working together for the long-term sustainable development of Djurgården. September 27th 2022 we were presented the Green Destination Platinum award for structured work in accordance with the UN Sustainability Goals.

Sustainibility work at Djurgården

Garden café in our backyard

Lusknäppen serves light lunch, cold drinks, beer, wine, coffee, pasteries and ice cream. Open daily 11 am–5 pm.

Travel posters in the Museum shop

The Museum shop offers a selection of posters, puzzles and postcards inspired by the historical travel posters in the exhibition Come to Norden. Open daily 10 am–5 pm.

Special commendation at the European Museum of the Year Awards

The European Museum of the Year Award goes to a museum which is excellent and innovative on all dimensions and offers its visitors and other users a unique atmosphere, imaginative interpretation and presentation, and a creative approach to education and social responsibility. The EMYA2022 Annual Conference and Award Ceremony was held in Tartu, Estonia from 4 to 7 May 2022. Nordiska museet was given a special commendation.

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