Nordic lifestyle since 1523

Nordiska museet is Sweden’s largest museum of cultural history. An everyday palace, and a place of stories about the life and people of the Nordic region – yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Discover clothes and fashion, textiles and jewellery, homes and furniture, photography, toys, folk art, glass and porcelain. There is also an exhibition about the only indigenous people in Sweden, the Sami.

What's on

Free Audio guide

Explore the museum and it's exhibitions through our audioguide, available in 10 languages:  English, German, Spanish, Russian, French, Finnish, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, Sami, Swedish and Easy Swedish.

Guided tours

Explore Nordiska museet together with one of our guides. Learn about the history of the museum, its architecture and exhibitions and about nordic lifestyle and traditions.

June 1st–August 31st: Everyday at 11am and 2pm

British ever so Nordic

This exhibiton is about Nordic fashion and lifestyle with influences from Britain.


What are the origins of the Midsummer pole? Why do the Swedes eat "semlor" (cream buns with marzipan)? How did people prepare for Christmas in earlier times? 

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