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Tre barn öppnar en lönndörr i en bokhylla i ett gammalt bibliotek och arbetsrum, ett blått sken lyser från dörröppningen
Tre barn i olika åldrar gläntar på en lönndörr i ett gammalt bibliotek och arbetsrum, det lyser ett magiskt blått sken från öppningen.

18 maj 2020 – Ongoing

45-90 min

60 SEK per child

Book a time slot

Family mission

From 8 years

Level 1

In the deepest underground vaults of the museum, there is a magical place – the Time Vault. Step through the secret portal to find yourself in the children’s very own history!

Get ready for a journey through time

Discover everyday life in the 1880’s, 1940’s or 1980’s in the Nordic countries. The Time Vault is an award winning interactive museum experience for children aged 8 years and up, that portrays over 150 years of history and children’s daily lives through set design, digital stations, objects and stories.

The Time Vault is based on true stories and real events.

Please note: inside the Time Vault, English texts are still limited. Please ask our staff about your options for visiting the Time Vault.

Who: Suitable for children 8 to 12 years in the company of an adult.

How: Buy tickets with a 90-minute time slot (children 60 SEK). 

Language: Swedish. Some sections offer texts in English.