Paris of the North

Advanced booking only. Timeless elegance, exquisite craftsmanship and tailor-made dreams. This fashion exhibition transports you to the golden age of haute couture and the northernmost outpost of Paris fashion – the French Couture Atelier at the NK department store in Stockholm. On display until October 1st 2023. Tickets

The Arctic – While the Ice Is Melting

The Arctic – While the Ice Is Melting allows visitors to meet people from some of the world's coldest places, where the environment and living conditions are changing at a rapid pace. On display throughout 2022.

Come to Norden

Come along for a visual flight of fancy through the Nordic countries as envisioned in travel posters. A playful design exhibition, charting the way the Nordic countries made a place for themselves on the European tourist map. On display until August 31st 2023.

British – Ever so Nordic

This exhibiton is about Nordic fashion and lifestyle with influences from Britain. 


Celebrations and festivals throughout life – why, when and how we observe traditions. Why do the Swedes eat "semlor" (cream buns with marzipan)? How did people prepare for Christmas in earlier times? What are the origins of the Midsummer pole?


August Strindberg is one of Sweden’s best-known authors, both nationally and internationally. In addition to works such as The Red Room, Natives of Hemsö, Master Olof, The Father and Miss Julie, From an Occult Diary occupies a special place in his works.

Table Settings

Interiors featuring table settings from the 16th century to circa 1950: tables for banquets, coffee and tea parties, and tables for aperitifs and aquavit – all are on display in this exhibition.